Molly Schiermeyer

Hey - it's me, Molly!!!

Photography is my passion. Straight up, photography is the best. I love capturing those quiet, sweet moments between two people in love, and those LOUD crazy laughs of a senior showing their true selves. Seeing a client, friend, family member, athlete come alive in front of my camera lens is my favorite drug of choice. 

Sports photography is my jam. I am an athlete (thrower for USD), so following the way a body moves is super intriguing. Freezing time is so magical. A conference championship, a career ending injury, and getting the kill on match point against the rival team are all HUGE moments that I get to help people document and relive, even the bad times are important to remember. 

I can't wait to meet you - become friends with you - and give you some great photos that show the true YOU.

I'm based out of the Omaha / Vermillion area, but I am willing to travel!